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Acute Artwork director Daniel Birnbaum’s newest transfer ‘is sort of like a thriller’

Daniel Birnbaum, the director of the know-how firm Acute Artwork, is not only a well-recognized face on the art-world circuit. The previous director of the Moderna Museet in Stockholm is now additionally a novelist, having penned the guide Dr. B., which, in keeping with the publishers, is “a riveting story of émigrés, spies and diplomats that shines a lightweight on a forgotten nook of World Struggle II historical past”. His literary debut tells the story of Immanuel Birnbaum, a German-Jewish journalist primarily based in Warsaw who escapes to Stockholm within the Thirties.

Crucially, the guide is predicated on the writer’s personal grandfather. On the finish of the tome, Birnbaum explains extra: “It was by no means my intention to create a psychologically correct portrait. In my account [Immanuel] is on the centre of a labyrinth of astonishing interconnections and uncovered to fiercely hostile powers.” So, do fiction and reality combine within the guide? “It is a piece of fiction however it’s near issues that did occur. The story is sort of like a thriller,” Birnbaum provides.

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