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Hubble captures photos of bizarre ‘fluffy’ galaxy

This week the Hubble telescope has captured a galaxy that NASA has described as “an oddity“. The catchily named GAMA 526784 is an ultra-diffuse galaxy which in response to NASA “seems as a tenuous patch of sunshine”, or ‘a bit fluffy’ in layman’s phrases.

The ‘fluffy’ galaxy is a part of the Hydra constellation of stars and is round 4 billion light-years away from Earth. NASA writes that any such galaxy has “a lot of peculiarities”.

The primary of those uncommon qualities is that their darkish matter content material will be both extraordinarily low or extraordinarily excessive. “Extremely-diffuse galaxies have been noticed with an virtually full lack of darkish matter,” says NASA, “whereas others consist of just about nothing however darkish matter.”

“One other oddity of this class of galaxies is their anomalous abundance of brilliant globular clusters, one thing not noticed in different kinds of galaxies,” they proceed.

Astronomers had been in a position to examine the GAMA 526784 in excessive decision utilizing Hubble’s Advanced Camera for Surveys. They used ultraviolet wavelengths which helped to see the sizes and ages of the star-forming areas of the galaxy.

Extremely-diffuse galaxies could be a comparable dimension as our Milky Approach galaxy, however they include simply 1% of the variety of stars. This sparseness by way of stars is what makes them seem like ‘fluffy’. They’re classed as extraordinarily low luminosity galaxies and this lack of luminosity is because of an absence of star-forming fuel.

Scientists are curious as to how these galaxies have stayed collectively and have proposed a concept that the excessive ranges of darkish matter may in reality be serving to with that. However then, with low ranges of darkish matter that type of blows that concept out of the water.

Clearly, I don’t have the reply right here, not being an astrophysicist, not even an armchair one! Nevertheless, the pictures we see from Hubble by no means fail to amaze me.

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